Tooth Pain
Root Canal
Deteriorated Dentition

We handle the majority of root canal cases in our office.

Due to improvements in the tools we use, including nickel-titanium rotary files and more efficient root filling systems, root canal procedures are simpler and faster than ever, making for a more comfortable procedure with less time in the chair.

One of the most rewarding challenges we face is restoring deteriorated dentition. An individual with a compromised dentition can suffer from an inadequate ability to chew, pain or discomfort, and TMJ, not to mention low self-esteem. To return a patient to a state of normal function, free of pain and boasting a radiant new smile, is truly an accomplishment to be proud of.

A full mouth reconstruction can involve all the disciplines of dentistry, and sometimes even orthodontics and orthognathic surgery, which is a surgical repositioning of the bones.

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