Dr. Diaz is pleased to announce that she has joined the DreamSleep network for sleep apnea treatment providers, DreamSleep Certification means every member of our sleep team has received intensive training on sleep medicine, oral appliances therapy and collaboration with physicians for testing and diagnosis.

Sleep apnea is a nationwide epidemic, affecting an estimated 1 in 5 adults. Many suffer from the condition undiagnosed and unaware that they live with a dangerous, yet treatable disease. People with sleep apnea stop breathing for short periods during sleep, causing their bodies to wake up partially to breathe. These small awakening interrupt the sleep cycle, preventing truly restful sleep. Symptoms include restless sleep, walking up tired, gasping for air at night and of course loud snoring. Untreated sleep apnea can exacerbate other conditions like heart disease, diabetes and depression. If you or someone you know has these symptoms, please schedule an appointment for a screening and consultation.

The good news is that many cases qualify for a comfortable and convenient oral appliance, instead of a CPAP. It’s a small device worn in the mouth that positions the jaw to allow for unobstructive airflow, allowing allowing uninterrupted, deep restful sleep. For people who already have a CPAP, some cases qualify for switching to oral appliance therapy. Please contact Dr. Diaz to learn more 719-930-3776.

To learn more, please visit https://www.attune.dentist/news/sleep


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Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a condition affecting a staggering number of Americans. 1 in 5 adults has mild OSA and 1 in 15 has moderate to severe OSA*. As many as 60 million Americans could be living with undiagnosed OSA and not even know it.